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  • If you are not sure of Your English Birth Date in AD (Anno Domini - इस्वी सम्बत) -

  • You can CONVERT DATE from BS (Bikram Sambat) to AD (Anno Domini - इस्वी सम्बत) .

  • If you know Nepali birth date go to NEPALI AGE CONVERTER .

  • Are you looking for age between two specific dates, "Time Gap Calculator" may help you.
birth age calculator
  Want to know your current age i.e. today how old are you? or want to know how many days remain for your birthday celebaration.
  You can have all days regarding your birthday. How old you are today? when is your next birthday? Days, Hours, minutes you have lived in. Make your nearer surprising them with birthday witsh with days or hours or minutes that they are old ;)