Your Birth Date


  • If you are not sure of your Nepali Birth Date -

  • Only know birth date in English Date AD (Anno Domini - इस्वी सम्बत) go to AGE CONVERTER for age calculation.

  • you can CONVERT DATE from AD (Anno Domini - इस्वी सम्बत) to BS (Bikram Sambat)

  • Are you looking for age between two specific dates, "Time Gap Calculator" may help you.
Nepali age calculator
  While submitting a resume for government job or private job they restrict the age barrier with current age. In such cases most of we got confused or no idea to get the age in current or today date format.
 We have created this tools to help the hassle. Further more, the tools have DATE-1 and DATE-2 which are manual inputs in which you can have the age of any two dates beyound our limitations. This calculater also works as Nepali age converter from all your living time to Year Month and Day

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