SQ. METER - (बर्ग मिटर)
SQ. FOOT - (बर्ग फुट)
BIGAHA - (बिगाहा)
KATHHA - (कठ्ठा)
DHUR - (धुर)
ROPANI - (रोपनी)
AANA - (आना)
POISA - (पैसा)
DAAM - (दाम)

Land Measurement in Nepal

Jagga Naapi
  Nepal has its own land measurement units far before the Standard Unit system developed " JAGGA NAAPI". Nepali Land Measurement Converter is simple tools designed to Convert Nepali based area conversions. In Kathmandu and Hilly region, the area of land is calculated on treditional basis i.e Ropani , Aana, Poisa, Daam unit whereas in Terai region, the area of land is calculated in Bigha, Kathha and Dhur .Many people face problems while converting from Hilly system (Kathmandu) to Terai System. It is simple System where you can calculate from Hilly measuring systems to Terai measuring system and Vice versa in a single input. We hoping that this tools may helps you to accurately calculate the Nepali Land Units Measures.

 Paisa, Aana, Ropani, Dhur, Kattha, Bigha, and Ropani are the units used for measuring are of land in Nepal. Under the Nepali land measurement system, 1 Daam is equivalent to 1.99m 2 or 21.39 sq. feet, is the lowest unit of measurement. 1 Paisa is equivalent to 4 Daam, 7.95m2, and 85.56 sq. feet. Similarly, 1 Aana is equivalent to 4 Paisa, 31.80m2, and 342.25 sq. feet. 1 Ropani is equivalent to 16 Aana, 508.72m2, 5476 sq. feet, and 4 Matomuri. Similarly, 1 Dhur is equivalent to 16.93m2, 182.25 sq. feet. 1 Kattha is equivalent to 20 Dhur, 338.63m2, 3,645 sq. feet. Similarly, 1 Bigha is equivalent to 20 Kattha, which is equivalent to 6,772.63m2, 72,900 sq. feet, and 13.31 Ropani.
 Mostly in Kathmandu, the system of Aana is pretty popular, whereas in the other part of the country the Dhur and Kattha system is popular. Similarly, there's local measurement system for length too. 1 Gaj is equivalent to 0.9144m, and equivalent to 1 yard. Similarly, 1 Kosh is equivalent to 480 Danda, which is equivalent to 3.218 KM, and 2 mile. Similarly, 1 Janjeer is equivalent to 9 Haat. 1 Daanda is equivalent to 4 Haat. 1 Haat is equivalent to 2 Bitta. And, 1 Bitta is equivalent to 18 Angul. So far you might have depth understanding about the land measurement in Nepal. The lowest measurement unit is Daam and the highest measurement unit is Ropani (or Khetmuri).

Jagga Naapi is for

Jagga Naapi

"This tools is designed to Convert Nepali based land area into - BIGHA, ROPANI, AANA, POISA & DAAM in single input"

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